2021 Admission Results!

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In May, I plan for this to be a big huge thing where I post shirts and testimonials and all sorts of fun stuff. But for now, here is a very lazy ongoing list of schools my students have been accepted to so far.

ED/100% attending:

Barnard Poli Sci (W/300k full-ride scholarship!)

Duke Environmental Engineering

Notre Dame Business

University of Chicago Finance

“Lol I need to hear from Stanford first”:

Georgetown Business

Georgia Tech Computer Science

Georgia Tech Industrial Design

Georgia Tech/University of Michigan/University of Virginia/Texas Electrical Engineering

Michigan Computer Science

Yale Engineering

Probs not going there, but if they did I wouldn’t be upset over it:

University of Virginia Biology/Pre-Med

Purdue Statistics

Our results on OOS State Schools, in particular, make me very excited to see how things go as we enter March and April. I hear back from 45 Ivys on Ivy day. That seems like it should be illegal.