2021 Admission Results!

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In July, I plan for this to be a big huge thing where I post shirts and testimonials and all sorts of fun stuff. But for now, here is a  list of schools my students are planning to attend. I don’t care for misleading stats or curtailing the best results to make myself seem infallible. Instead, I present every student I worked with and their future school, and I do so with incredible pride. They all matter.

*Indicates multiple Zoom meetings per week, in a similar style to this year’s Mattie’s Unlimited Plan

Planned attendance for Fall 2021:

Barnard College: Poli-Sci (W/300k full-ride scholarship!)

*Boston University/Georgia Tech/Northwestern (192k merit aid)/Rutgers University/Stevens Tech (220k merit aid)/UC Berkeley/University of Michigan/Washington University in St. Louis: Computer Game Design (He wants me to post every school he got into)

Cornell: Business and Hotel Management

Duke: Environmental Engineering

Emory: Film and Media Management

Georgetown: Business

Georgia Tech: Computer Science

Georgia Tech: Industrial Design

Notre Dame: Business

*Rice: Bio/Pre-Med

UC Davis: Mathematical Analytics and Operations Research

Stanford: Engineering

*University of Chicago: Finance

*University of Chicago: Pre-Law

University of Florida: Molecular Biology (full merit scholarship) lol jk HE GOT INTO STANFORD LET’S GO LET’S GO LET’S GO

University of Toronto: Pre-Med

University of Virginia: Electrical Engineering (Full-ride Jefferson Scholarship)

Williams College: Philosophy

Congrats, guys. I’m so proud of all of you.

Coming soon: SHIRTS!