2022 Admission Results!

Here is a  list of schools my students are planning to attend. I don’t care for misleading stats or curtailing the best results to make myself seem infallible. Instead, I present every student I worked with and their future school, and I do so with incredible pride. They all matter.

*Indicates multiple Zoom meetings per week, in a similar style to this year’s Mattie’s Unlimited Plan

Multiple schools indicate that student is still deciding between them. Many students on this list have also been waitlisted by additional schools. My experience suggests that 1-3 of them will be accepted off said list and end up somewhere not yet listed.

Class of 2022  Acceptances

*Bowdoin College: Poli-Sci

*Caltech/Stanford: Astrophysics

*Harvard/MIT/Yale/Princeton: Bio-Chem

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Engineering

New York University: Electrical Engineering

Rice/Wash U: Business/CS

UCLA: Business

UCSD: Computer Science + Math

*University of Michigan: English

University of Michigan: Education

Yale University: Bio/Environmental Science

Class of 2021 Acceptances

Barnard College: Poli-Sci (W/300k full-ride scholarship!)

*Boston University/Georgia Tech/Northwestern (192k merit aid)/Rutgers University/Stevens Tech (220k merit aid)/UC Berkeley/University of Michigan/Washington University in St. Louis: Computer Game Design (He wants me to post every school he got into)

Cornell: Business and Hotel Management

Duke: Environmental Engineering

Emory: Film and Media Management

Georgetown: Business

Georgia Tech: Computer Science

Georgia Tech: Industrial Design

Notre Dame: Business

*Rice: Bio/Pre-Med

UC Davis: Mathematical Analytics and Operations Research

Stanford University: Engineering

Stanford University: Neuroscience

*University of Chicago: Finance

*University of Chicago: Pre-Law

University of Toronto: Pre-Med

University of Virginia: Electrical Engineering (Full-ride Jefferson Scholarship)

Williams College: Philosophy